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Heirs of Hippocrates

Heirs of Hippocrates

Complete Record - Heirs of Hippocrates No. 70

IBN BUTLAN (d. ca. 1068). Theatrum sanitatis, codice 4182 della R. Biblioteca Casanatense. 2 vols. Rome: La Libreria dello stato, 1940. 523 pp., 208 plates and portfolio (34 col. plates). 40.2 cm.  A facsimile: No. 264 of 500 copies

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Ibn Butlan studied medicine under Ibn al-Taijib at Baghdad and later practiced in Mossul, Diyarbekir, and Aleppo. He was also in Egypt for a time and later resided in Constantinople and Antioch. It was during his residence in Antioch that he entered a monastery and converted to Christianity. His works centered on theology as well as medicine and health. It is believed that the Casanatense Library Codex 4182 was completed late in the fourteenth century and is a translation of his Taqwim al-sihhah (Tables of health). Flowers, trees, fruits, and herbs account for the majority of the illustrations although there are numerous others devoted to the winds, seasons, natural elements, and various kinds of foodstuffs. Many aspects of man's emotional life, such as anger and joy, are also depicted as well as many daily activities like hunting and riding. In most instances, the narrative information for each entry includes the humoral qualities and degree, the optimum state for use, the usefulness, dangers, neutralization of the dangers, and effects for the item under discussion.

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