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Heirs of Hippocrates

Heirs of Hippocrates

Complete Record - Heirs of Hippocrates No. 1991

KARL VON LIEBERMEISTER (1833-1901). Cholera Asiatica und Cholera Nostras. Vienna: Alfred Hölder, 1896. [8] 132 pp., tables. 24 cm.  Bound with Nos. 2072 and 2235

Liebermeister studied medicine at Bonn, Würzburg, and Greifswald under such noteworthy individuals as Virchow, Kölliker, Bamberger, Scanzoni, and Niemeyer. He received his medical degree in 1856, was certified in 1857, and qualified as an academic lecturer in 1859. Liebermeister became Niemeyer's assistant in 1860, in 1864 became professor of internal medicine at Basel, and in 1871 he succeeded Niemeyer at Tübingen. In 1889 Liebermeister experienced the first signs of serious kidney disease to which he finally succumbed in 1901. Liebermeister had a wide range of interests and published a large number of books. His best known work was the Handbuch der Pathologie und Therapie des Fiebers (Leipzig, 1875). In the present work, which appeared in Volume IV, Part I of Nothnagel's Specielle Pathologie und Therapie, Liebermeister discusses cholera asiatica and cholera nostras. In this detailed and comprehensive study, Liebermeister gives a thorough account of the etiology, symptomatology, diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy for both diseases.
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